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It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a home in the bustling centre of Prague or long for a peaceful place surrounded by nature. We offer exceptional homes for exceptional lives. The development projects in our offer are located in attractive locations and include new buildings of the highest standard.



Prague 5 - Smíchov

An exclusive residential project in the premises of the former Neubert printing house in Grafická Street in Prague's Smíchov.

Neugraf 0
Neugraf 1
Neugraf 2
Neugraf 3
Neugraf 4
Neugraf 5
Neugraf 6
Neugraf 7
Neugraf 8
Neugraf 9


Prague 2 - Vinohrady

Charming Art Nouveau residence with an elevator after a complete careful reconstruction, surrounded by the unique atmosphere of Prague's Vinohrady. It offers exceptional living in a quiet street, which combines a historic touch with the comfort of modern living in the heart of the Czech capital.

Mánesova 86_4kk 0
Mánesova 86_4kk 1
Mánesova 86_4kk 2
Mánesova 86_4kk 3
Mánesova 86_4kk 4
Mánesova 86_4kk 5
Mánesova 86_4kk 6
Mánesova 86_4kk 7
Mánesova 86_4kk 8
Mánesova 86_4kk 9

Pod Havránkou

Prague 7 - Troja

A luxury residential complex created by the reconstruction of a historic courtyard with more than four centuries of history in the vicinity of Troja Castle. It combines a modern approach to living with a rich past and a unique atmosphere of Prague's Troja district.

Pod Havránkou
Chateau Troja_2020 0
Chateau Troja_2020 1
Chateau Troja_2020 2
Chateau Troja_2020 3
Chateau Troja_2020 4
Chateau Troja_2020 5
Chateau Troja_2020 6
Chateau Troja_2020 7
Chateau Troja_2020 8
Chateau Troja_2020 9


Prague 2 - Nusle

An exclusive project of a loggia house in an old development of a quiet and sought-after historical part of the capital city of Prague, Nusle, just below the walls of the Vyšehrad fortress.

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Lumírova album 8
Lumírova album 9

Ke Dvoru

Prague 6 - Vokovice

Prestigious residential complex in Prague's Vokovice, which was created by the reconstruction of a historic courtyard located in close proximity to the Džbán reservoir and the Divoká Šárka nature reserve. Housing that combines the architectural past with the present and the tranquility of nature with the bustle of the city.

Ke Dvoru
Villa Vokovice 0
Villa Vokovice 17
Villa Vokovice 16
Villa Vokovice 7
Villa Vokovice 14
Villa Vokovice 15
Villa Vokovice 2
Villa Vokovice 3


Prague 10 - Vinohrady

Exclusive barrier-free residence surrounded by a beautiful garden in Královské Vinohrady with reception, elevator and CCTV system, which with its character and layout fully respects the style, luxury and the highest standards of life in one of the most prestigious parts of Prague.

Rezidence Hradešínská 0
Rezidence Hradešínská 1
Rezidence Hradešínská 2
Rezidence Hradešínská 3
Rezidence Hradešínská 4
Rezidence Hradešínská 5
Rezidence Hradešínská 6
Rezidence Hradešínská 7
Rezidence Hradešínská 8
Rezidence Hradešínská 9


Prague 5 - Smíchov

Premium residential complex with a southern orientation and an impressive view of the Prague skyline. The terraced concept and the perfect location on the slope of the Strahov hill offer exclusive living for life in Prague.

Erbenova 0
Erbenova 1
Erbenova 2
Erbenova 3
Erbenova 4
Erbenova 5
Erbenova 6
Erbenova 7
Erbenova 8
Erbenova 9

Nad Lomem

Prague 4 - Braník

A timeless residence in the Braník part of Prague, which offers a unique genius loci enhanced by the unique location of the house on the slope of the Branice hill overlooking the Vltava valley.

Nad Lomem
Braník Residences 0
Braník Residences 1
Braník Residences 2
Braník Residences 3
Braník Residences 4
Braník Residences 5
Braník Residences 6
Braník Residences 7
Braník Residences 8
Braník Residences 9

Na Hvězdárně

Prague 5 - Velká Chuchle

The residential project located in a quiet and sought-after part of Prague - Velká Chuchle offers exclusive living in the suburbs in the middle of greenery on the edge of the Radotín-Chuchelský grove.

Na Hvězdárně
Vily Hvězdárna 1
Vily Hvězdárna 0
Vily Hvězdárna 2
Vily Hvězdárna 3
Vily Hvězdárna 4
Vily Hvězdárna 5
Vily Hvězdárna 6
Vily Hvězdárna 7
Vily Hvězdárna 8
Vily Hvězdárna 9


Prague 2 - Nové Město

Exclusive project of modern apartments in a historic building in the center of Prague.

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Leger House album 5
Leger House album 6
Leger House album 7
Leger House album 8


Prague 6 - Bubeneč

A timeless residence offering maximum comfort situated in a prestigious location in the diplomatic district of Bubeneč, close to the popular Stromovka Park. In addition, there is a well-kept garden in front of the building, which will provide you with the desired peace and privacy.

Bubeneč Gardens 0
Bubeneč Gardens 1
Bubeneč Gardens 2
Bubeneč Gardens 3
Bubeneč Gardens 4
Bubeneč Gardens 5
Bubeneč Gardens 6
Bubeneč Gardens 7
Bubeneč Gardens 8
Bubeneč Gardens 9


Prague 9 - Kyje

Residential house in a residential area of ​​a quiet and popular part of Prague - Kyje offers exclusive living in the suburbs in the middle of greenery.

Vila Rokytka album 0
Vila Rokytka album 1
Vila Rokytka album 2
Vila Rokytka album 3
Vila Rokytka album 4
Vila Rokytka album 5

Na Lysinách

Prague 4 - Hodkovičky

Modern timeless villa, designed by the award-winning architectural studio P6PA + Architects, located in a quiet residential area of ​​Prague's Hodkovičky, in one of the quietest and most sought-after Prague locations full of greenery.

Na Lysinách
Vila Hodkovičky 0
Vila Hodkovičky 1
Vila Hodkovičky 2
Vila Hodkovičky 3
Vila Hodkovičky 4
Vila Hodkovičky 5
Vila Hodkovičky 6
Vila Hodkovičky 7
Vila Hodkovičky 8
Vila Hodkovičky 9

Na Hutmance

Prague 5 - Jinonice

An exceptional residential project of 8 terraced houses in a quiet residential area of ​​Jinonice in Prague combines modern living in a busy metropolis with a peaceful atmosphere of family life in the suburbs.

Na Hutmance
Na Hutmance 7
Na Hutmance 10

Jiřího z Poděbrad

Prague 3 - Vinohrady

An exclusive project of rental housing in a reconstructed Art Nouveau building in a sought-after location of Prague's Vinohrady.

Jiřího z Poděbrad
JZP projekt album 0
JZP projekt album 1
JZP projekt album 2
JZP projekt album 3
JZP projekt album 4
JZP projekt album 5
JZP projekt album 6
JZP projekt album 7
JZP projekt album 8
JZP projekt album 9


Prague 3 - Vinohrady

An exclusive project of rental housing in a reconstructed Art Nouveau building in a sought-after location of Prague's Vinohrady.

Laubova projekt album 0
Laubova projekt album 1
Laubova projekt album 2
Laubova projekt album 3
Laubova projekt album 4
Laubova projekt album 5
Laubova projekt album 6
Laubova projekt album 7
Laubova projekt album 8
Laubova projekt album 9

Na Výsluní

Praha-východ - Strančice

The Na Výsluní residential project is located in a beautiful and safe environment of the village Strančice with a rural atmosphere, twenty-six kilometers southeast of the center of Prague and six kilometers south of the town of Říčany.

Na Výsluní
Na Výsluní Strančice 0
Na Výsluní Strančice 1
Na Výsluní Strančice 2
Na Výsluní Strančice 3
Na Výsluní Strančice 4
Na Výsluní Strančice 5
Na Výsluní Strančice 6
Na Výsluní Strančice 7
Na Výsluní Strančice 8
Na Výsluní Strančice 9

V Kněžívce

Praha-západ -

An exclusive project of a residential complex in a quiet area of ​​the Central Bohemian village of Tuchoměřice, which is located on the western edge of the capital city of Prague.

V Kněžívce
Kněžívka Gardens gallery 0
Kněžívka Gardens gallery 1
Kněžívka Gardens gallery 2
Kněžívka Gardens gallery 3
Kněžívka Gardens gallery 4
Kněžívka Gardens gallery 5
Kněžívka Gardens gallery 6
Kněžívka Gardens gallery 7
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