Dancing House

Prague 2 - Nové Město

Dancing House is very unique and remarkable building in Prague on Rašín’s Waterfront. Its shape reminds the famous dancing couple Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, and the building is nowadays an integral part of the capital city. Dancing House attracts eyes of both professional and ordinary public and also tourists. There is an office space of 3458 m², which is spread over 7 floors. On the top floor there is a Ginger & Fred restaurant with an area of 493 m² which offers not only international cuisine, but also a beautiful unforgettable views of the Prague city. The offer included advantage of the monthly rent for the first three months.
 IDBuildingFloorTotal areaParkingServices price/m2FloorTotal areaMonthly rent
Office space101 6 170 m2 Yes € 6 6170m 2 Price on request
Office space100 7 50 m2 Yes € 6 750m 2 Price on request